What is Cloud Accounting in Cookstown?

We have all heard the term ‘cloud’ many times recently. It almost feels worn out and overused, to the point where we wonder, what is the cloud? That’s where we come in. The cloud generally refers to the process by which we send, receive and transfer information through the Internet. This process is now used widely for messaging and media. As well as this, accounting in Cookstown has become modernised, with a plethora of data being stored and used on the cloud across Northern Ireland

So, what does cloud accounting in Cookstown involve?

Cloud accounting in Cookstown is a broad practice. It involves online basic accounting tasks, such as bookkeeping support and reporting. Accountants can access all necessary data and information through the cloud – accounts payable, accounts receivable and the general ledger. 

Traditional, desktop accounting systems only provided access to accounts on-site. However, the cloud continually updates with new information, bringing more value to businesses. 

Making confusing software and processes simple

We work alongside cloud accounting software to make your bookkeeping as simple as possible. At EG Accountancy, we are proud to be Quickbooks and Xero partners, meaning we will set you up on the most suitable package and avail of our partner discounted pricing. Therefore, if you require cloud accounting services in Cookstown, we will use reliable, smart accounting software to ensure your data is correct and up-to-date. 

How can I benefit from cloud accounting services?

There are many benefits cloud accounting can have for you and your business in Cookstown. 

Automated accounting systems

Cloud accounting in Cookstown automates data and software, ensuring transactions are automatically updated. This means that invoices, ledgers and bank statements are all updated simultaneously. The automated cloud accounting system also accelerates book closing – this can be completed much more quickly and efficiently. 


Another reason cloud accounting is practical is its scalability. Traditionally, organisations would have to splurge on new equipment and technology as their business grew. However, this is not the case with cloud accounting. The cloud stores all data and information. Therefore, it is easy to add additional information when required. 

Real-time reporting

Using traditional bookkeeping and accounting methods makes capturing real-time visualisations of data challenging. This is because accounting data is constantly changing and updating.

However, cloud accounting includes built-in analytics and reporting tools. These allow you to access up-to-date reports that translate complex figures into easily-understandable graphs and charts. This is extremely useful when presenting data to clients.

Cloud accounting in Cookstown is much more efficient

When managing several clients and a wide range of data, it can be difficult to stay on track and manage your time wisely. However, cloud accounting is an excellent use of time and resources. This is because there is a reduced risk of errors, with automated data inputs and calculations.

Your cloud accounting experts in Cookstown

At EG Accountancy in Cookstown, we will completely transform your bookkeeping and accounting processes. We will provide you with accurate, up-to-date accounting data and information to help maximise your finances and ensure you are saving and investing in the right places. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the cloud accounting services we offer. 

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